New Video Clip: On The Judgement Day (live)


That’s it, guys! With a lot of effort and pride, we just released our new video.

Live in Bradesco Theater – Belo Horizonte/Brazil


Sarcastic angels:

Big man, will you hide now?
Where can you run to?
I guess you can’t ‘cause
There’s nowhere to go.

The prosecutor:
Meet their history
They like disaster, can you see?
The four horsemen:
Men have gone away!
The prosecutor:
See how they laugh on the outside!
The four horsemen:
Men have gone away!!!

The judge says “Hi” to the raven
And the rocks starts rolling alone
The truth believes in the dead but
Even dead they seem to live on
We've all been through too many roads
But it’s time to look up for the sun
And see the things that we’ve done
Might have gone wrong...

Music : On the Judgemnet Day
Album : Unbeatable
Direction: Nayara Macedo
Mixing: Tomas Alem
Recorded in Belo Horizonte/ Brazil –  Live in Bradesco Theater


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