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Da esquerda para a direita: Raphael (teclados), Khadhu (voz e baixo), Bhydhu (bateria) e Khykho (guitarra)


Cartoon is one of the great icons of indie music in Brazil. The band’s compositions mix well-thought arrangements with the vigorous energy of rock. Cartoon plays Classic Rock in a unique and distinctive way, working with unpredictable themes and sonorities that surprise the listener with high quality vocals and instrumentals.

The band has 18 years of experience, four CDs recorded, participated in Andreas Kisser’s (from the band Sepultura) solo album, three official video clips, and thousands of followers in social networks. Cartoon assures that they are having the best phase in their career. “Unbeatable,” Cartoon’s new album, is proof of that. The album was released in November 2013. The band already won many awards throughout its career, especially with the release of the first rock opera produced in Brazil, the album “Bigorna” (2002). Cartoon has performed in big venues in Brazil and has had its first international experience in 2012.

From 1998 to 2004 the bands Cartoon, Calix, and Somba produced the “Orquestra Mineira de Rock” (OMR), which became an important mark in the Minas Gerais music scene. It was a bold project where the musicians of the three bands shared the same stage, thus forming an orchestra with 3 guitars, 2 drums sets, 9 singers, mandolins, flutes, and exotic instruments. The concerts were delivered with original compositions from each band, interpretations of classics of the rock genre, and arrangements of classical music. This daring project was a great success. It gathered over 20,000 people in a single event, not counting several concerts in theaters and open events.

In March 2012 Cartoon was invited to participate in the Canadian Music Week, one of the most important music business fairs. The Canadian Music Week is also one of the biggest indie music festivals in the world, held annually in Toronto, Canada. There, Cartoon performed twice. The group participated in BAFIM in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2011). In February 2014 Cartoon will take part in MIDEM, in Cannes, France.

During the months of March and April in 2013, Cartoon participated in Breakout Brasil, the first reality show produced by Sony Music in Brazil. The band was one of the five finalists among 2200 artists who applied from every part of the country. The program was aired on two channels, Sony Spin and Sony Entertainment Television. Great personalities of the Brazilian musical scene took part in the show, such as: Dudu Marote (music producer), Anna Butler (former director of MTV), Marcello Lobato (music entrepreneur) and Edu K (musician and host of the show).


– Khadhu Capanema | Lead singer, bass, esraj, sitar, guitar (6 and 12 strings), and harmonica.

– Bhydhu Capanema | Drums, percussion, tabla drums, and voice.

– Khykho Garcia | Electric guitar, violoncello, acoustic guitar, bass, and voice.

– Raphael Rocha | Keyboards, piano, synthesizers, guitar, and voice.


Unbeatable (2013) – This album has a focused approach in the arrangements, compositions, and modern sonorities with solid roots in classic rock. This new work is the clear result of the group’s renovation and growth in the last few years.

Cartoon started with the musical concept, which is straightforward and consistent. It aimed for outstanding quality, clarity, and sound impact. Aside from that, it shows more clearly the individual work of each musician of the band.

Estribo [Stirrup] (2008) – This work closes the trilogy of a symbolic hearing journey through the auditory ossicles (hammer, anvil, and stirrup). This album is extremely rich with varied styles and sonorities. The concept of this work revolves around the emotions and internal conflict of a young musician who, like Beethoven, is deaf due to the paralysis of the ossicle in the middle ear called the stirrup. The suffering caused by his deafness leads him to question his existence. Thus, he undertakes a fantastic journey to overcome his fears and difficulties. It won the “Best Album of the Year” award in the Rock Progressivo Brasil website.

Bigorna [Anvil] (2002) – Bigorna is considered to be the first rock opera produced in Brazil. The album presents the band’s unusual version of “The true story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.” The album is enhanced with the special participation of great musicians such as Lincoln Meirelles, Kristoff Silva, and Chico Amaral. The CD was released along with a comic book that narrates the entire story. It was awarded “Best Album of the Year” by the critics and the public in the Rock Progressivo Brasil website. It also received great critical acclaim in Italy, USA, Sweden, and Chile among others.

Martelo [Hammer] (1999) – Cartoon intended for their first CD to break the boundaries of the stagnant phonographic market of the time with a powerful and metaphoric Hammer. The album garnered several compliments from the critics and public. It reached an exceptional number in sales despite Cartoon being newly introduced in the music scene. The success of the album in the state of Minas Gerais opened opportunities for the production of the video clip of the song “Tempo.” It also got a special edition of the magazine Rock News, which talks about the band’s trajectory.

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