About the album

This album is modern with solid roots in classic rock. The CD’s production was carefully planned. Cartoon started with the musical concept, which is straightforward and consistent. It aimed for outstanding quality, clarity, and sound impact. This new work is the result of the group’s renovation and growth in the last few years.


  1. 1. Down on the road ahead
  2. 2. The Golden Chariot
  3. 3. Until I found you
  4. 4. She
  5. 5. Bridge to Nowhere
  6. 6. Promises
  7. 7. Lazarus' Feet
  8. 8. No coming back!
  9. 9. Time is running
  10. 10. On the judgement day


Khadhu Capanema – Bass, vocals, esraj, acoustic guitars
Bhydhu Capanema – Drums and percussion
Khykho Garcia – Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals and bass on tracks 6 and 9
Raphael Rocha – Hammond, Synths, Piano, Mellotron and vocals

Especial guest:
Renato Savassi – Flute on “Time’s running”

All songs writen by Khadhu, except Lazarus’ Feet writen by Khykho

Sound engineer – Tomás Alem
Recorded at Musika Studios (Rio de Janeiro – RJ)
Additional recordings at Studio Máquina (Belo Horizonte – MG)
Pianos recorded at Acústico Studio by Hemir França (Belo Horizonte – MG)
Additional keyboards at Odessa Studio (Belo Horizonte – MG)

Mixed by Tomás Alem
Mastered by Luiz Tornaghi at Batmastersom – RJ
Produced by Khadhu & Tomás Alem
Graphic design and photography – Vitor Maciel (www.vitormaciel.com.br)
Background photography by André Tanure (Khadhu/Rapahel) and Junia Mortimer (Bhydhu/Khykho)
P 2013 – Brazil