About the album

This work closes the trilogy of a symbolic hearing journey through the auditory ossicles (hammer, anvil, and stirrup). The concept of this work revolves around the emotions and internal conflicts of a young musician who, like Beethoven, is deaf due to the paralysis of the ossicle in the middle ear called the stirrup. The suffering caused by his deafness leads him to question existence. Thus, he undertakes a fantastic journey to overcome his fears and difficulties through music. It won the “Best Album of the Year” award in the Rock Progressivo Brasil website.


  1. 1. Thor’s Hammer
  2. 2. The storm before the Silence
  3. 3. Father
  4. 4. Crossings and crosses
  5. 5. The car crash
  6. 6. Heaven’s my home
  7. 7. Treatment with mercury
  8. 8. Remember
  9. 9. Velut Luna
  10. 10. God Speed!

Ficha Técnica

Khadhu – Baixo, voz, esraj, sitar, harmonica, violão de Nylon e guitarra de 12 cordas
Bhydhu – Bateria e percussão
Khykho – Guitarra, violão e voz
Boxexa – Órgão, piano, sintetizadores e voz

Participação Especial:
Peter Basil – Guitarras adicionais em “Father”, “Heaven’s my home”, “Treatment with mercury”, “Velut luna” e “God Speed!”.
Engenheiro de som – André Cabelo
Gravado no estúdio ACÚSTICO (Belo Horizonte- MG)
Gravações Adicionais , estúdio ENGENHO (Belo Horizonte- MG)
Mixado e Masterizado no estúdio ENGENHO por André Cabelo & Khadhu
Produzido por Khadhu & André Cabelo
P 2008 – Brasil