About the album

Bigorna is considered to be the first rock opera produced in Brazil. The album presents the band’s unusual version of “The true story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.” The album is enhanced with the special participation of great musicians such as Lincoln Meirelles, Kristoff Silva, and Chico Amaral. The CD was released along with a comic book that narrates the entire story. It was awarded “Best Album of the Year” by the critics and the public in the Rock Progressivo Brasil website. It also received great critical acclaim in Italy, USA, Sweden, and Chile.


  1. 1. Prologue
  2. 2. From the hands of God
  3. 3. Knights nightmare
  4. 4. King’s song
  5. 5. King’s fugue
  6. 6. Marriage
  7. 7. Show me where love lives
  8. 8. She smiled
  9. 9. Lily fears
  10. 10. Guinevere (The King speaks)
  11. 11. March of despair
  12. 12. The Warning
  13. 13. Alberich’s blues
  14. 14. Apocalypstic Man
  15. 15. In the gates of hell
  16. 16. The last battle
  17. 17. Letter to Marion
  18. 18. The great gates of freedom (Instrumental)

Ficha Técnica

Khadhu – Baixo, voz, esraj, sitar e harmonica
Bhydhu – Bateria e percussão
Khykho – Guitarra e voz
Boxexa – Teclados, voz e piano na faixa 14

Participações especiais:
Lincoln Meirelles – Piano, Orgão Eminet 650 e teclados
Kristoff Silva – Violões de 6 e 12 cordas e voz
Robson Fonseca Ferreira – Violoncelo
Lúcio Gomes – Baixo Acustico
Antônio Carlos Magalhães – Cravo
Chico Amaral – Saxofone
Anor Luciano Junior – Trompete

Gravado e Mixado no estúdio Polifonia (Belo Horizonte)
Produzido por Khadhu

Músicas, letras e arranjos feitos por Khadhu, exceto faixa 13(Khadhu e Vlad) , Faixa 12 “A) She’s Coming” and “C) Song of dispair” (Khadhu e Vlad)
Engenheiro de som – Estanley Henriques
Mixado por Estanley Henriques e Cartoon
Masterizado no estúdio Hi-Tech Master

Ilustração – Dario Velasco
Designe gráfico e colorido – Renato Alves (tirrê)
P 2002 – Brasil.